Words cannot even begin to describe the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes at dfuse.in. Tempers run high (mostly between the editors), deadlines are almost never met, hookahs are knocked over but Fasoos Rolls and/or chinese food is always ordered which makes everyone shut up.

dfuse.in is powered by noodles. 

In a previous post, Aniket (the dogfather) talks about how we have to prove ourselves constantly. We aren’t generating content out satisfy the mainstream pseudo intellectuals out there. dfuse.in won’t appeal to your average college bumpkin who uses the internet just to check his/her facebook notifications. We want to poke the inner you that is screaming out to be different. The one who wants to stand out of the crowd and be recognized and truly appreciated for who you truly are. I just realized I sound like one of self help Robin Sharma/self help gurus.

But besides the whole Ferrari monk mumbo jumbo, most of the staff are involved in a lot of other projects besides trying to maintain the ridiculous 90% attendance criteria our college demands. But we still manage to find the time in between all the movie shoots, band projects,photography and MUN-ing. We try to apply whatever we learn and unlearn in our academic lives, to this entity which I hope one day will be the epitome of all things awesome.

dfuse.in turns ONE today and I’ve never been more proud of the people who are involved behind the scenes.