Rohan "The Real Super Stud" Kapoor

So Rohan Kapoor our ever effervescent creative director is back from his extended weekend from Ahem-badh. Unpacking his new/old iron for those Monday morning uniforms, the theplas which will be consumed the nights one is broke(which is most nights), the menu for TOMATOES (or something that sounds and looks like ‘chilis’) which he ‘borrowed’ and other ‘amenities’ which one mooches of one’s parents.

Rohan "The Real Super Stud"  Kapoor

Rohan "The Real Super Stud" Kapoor

His absence at ‘The House’ was much noticed. Certainly there seemed to be more space to walk around, the hookah didn’t taste just as good, and our mothers weren’t insulted just as much. The cute little of stained lump of stained clothes wasn’t plopped at his usual corner. And the lump has made all the difference.

Much of the work, that Rohan does for isn’t noticed but is certainly felt.

From his beer chugging to his ‘peace – bitching’ , Rohan Kapoor is, as our beloved Banerjee often mentions ( much to the dismay of his ‘friends’), ‘THE SHIZZLE’.

We Love You, Rohan Kapoor.

Your eternal fan.