#1 we will have another site dedicated to all the rejected articles in a site called refuse.in 

#2 Google will have a doodle  of Aniket on his birthday  in commemoration of FOUNDER’S DAY

#3 Kingfisher will our brand ambassadors. And give us a fountain of beer.

#4 THE HOUSE (dfuse.in headquaters ) will have enough noodles and thumbs up to satisfy lipi’s hunger.

#5 Everyone will take Anurag Banerjee seriously.

#6 No one will notice/comment/point and laugh on how flat Lipi is when she wears her dfuse.in t-shirt.

#7 Everyone will meet deadlines.

#8 Billie Joe Armstrong will bring us eggs and magic coal

#7 Rohan Kapoor will have an army of Oompa Loompas to wash his shorts.

#8 The  dfuse. in team will buy a coup and put Lipi in it, with a pigeon.

#9  The world will know how to spell Ga-va-ra-jju ? / Gongurra’s surname.

#10 Arjun Rajkishore will be able to afford a haircut. And, maybe some sausages.