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Review: BOM

The director starts off the movie with a message that he had gone to Malana with the intention of searching for an ancient democracy and the world’s best hashish (cannabis)……

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Diary: NH7 Weekender 2012

The Bacardi NH7 Weekender saw its third year in Pune this month.  The festival has now expanded and there was a two-day edition at the NCR in Delhi and another…..

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Review: Cloud Atlas

I am writing this review as the soundtrack of Cloud Atlas plays in the background. That is the kind of dedication that this film deserves. Dubbed as one of the…..

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Review: ¡Uno!

Green Day saw a dip in its fan-following post 21st Century Breakdown when a lot of their hard-core fans decided it was time to stop being Green Day fans. Their…..

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Review: Greater Elephant

In this day and age when everyone is out there making a film and calling it indie to cover up its shoddy production value or the fact that it’s just…..

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All the Same

A lot of times, when we see or hear something, we are reminded of an event of the past which made us think or feel the same way. We even…..