Just spoke to Rohan Solomon of Cyanide , these guys just put out there new EP.. pretty good stuff , I’ll review that later.

1.Firstly how did the name cyanide come up???

Ans: Well … The name was given while I was still in school, i think i was in the 10th. We were just a school band who were in awe of bands like Metallica, GnR, Iron Maiden etc. We just wanted to play without any concern to what genre etc …. I guess Cyanide just sounded cool to us …. and we just kept that name going even though all the original band members are not in the band anymore except for me

2.How was it working on the EP?

Ans: Working on the EP was a tiring …. very exhausting and frustrating experience ….. Simply because we had been trying to get it done for the last 3 years. But now when we look back at the whole record making experience, it is really fulfilling to see that the music is finally out and that feels awesome. We hope the fans are just as excited as we are about getting this EP out.

3.How did you guys end up playing as a band?

Ans: The Delhi Rock Circuit is a very close and friendly circuit. As Bharat left the band, all we had to do was put the word out that we need a new member and met a bunch of people and eventually figured that Nikhil suits the feel of the band the most. Plus he’s a modernite … thats a plus point … lol … Just kidding

4.What prospect do you think rock music has in India..and I mean it seriously?

Ans: Well … in India to play in a rock band as your sole career is risky, im not saying it’s not possible. Our drummer Srijan plays for 3 bands: Parikrama, Half Step Down and Cyanide …. This is his sole career. But many of us, need a main career to keep us financially stable and hence enable us to continue playing music. This way, it stays about the music and not that much about making money.

5.Now because of the scene..a lot of record labels have come up..does it make a difference?

Ans: Definitely, I think it’s great to have more and more independent labels coming into the scene. It gives a platform to more independent bands to get their music into the market, at least in the rock circuit. Labels like Counter Culture Records, Demonstealer Records, RSJ Records really concentrates on and promotes a lot of bands. In this circuit, the more you can get your music heard, the more people will appreciate your shows. Any person in the audience loves to hear something familiar. What the labels offer is to make their originals familiar to the public, which will make them enjoy their shows a lot more.

6.So you guys gonna go out play gigs in other cities??

Ans: We would love that. We are trying to work out a tour this summer, but nothing is official as of now.

7.What’s next for cyanide…

Ans: Next would be exactly what you asked in the previous question. As we have got our EP out now. We want to go and play as many cities and distribute them at our gigs. We are really excited to play some new cities this year and all the cities that we play on our last tour in 2008.

8.I listened to the songs on myspace..how do i get the CD??

Ans: We are still trying to work out a distribution chain … Since the CD’s are free of charge, a normal retail outlet won’t work. We want to encourage distribution of the CD’s at our gigs, so that more people attend our gigs. But a way to provide easier access might work out. We will keep everyone informed about anything new with us and the EP on our twitter and facebook pages.