We went around the internet to find some scary short films and these made us poop our pants. Literally. It’s scarier when it is short. Some of these shorts actually out do big budget horror films and one of them became a big budget horror film.

Still Life

Okay, this one isn’t all that scary but it will scare you when you think about it as something that can happen in reality.  It’s a pretty smart short film otherwise.


He dies at the end

The title is exactly how it ends but you get to see that if you stay till the end that is.


French Doors

A home renovator installs some second-hand French doors in his house. Light isn’t all that they let in.



A girl at a train station gets an unnerving phone call from her sweetheart. And then things unfold in true Hitchcockian style.

There are monsters

This isn’t conventionally scary but the environment, the atmosphere and the suspense makes it pretty scary. There is paranoia and fear all over in this unsettling depiction of reality.


This three-minute film by Andres Muschietti convinced Guillermo Del Toro to help produce the feature version. This is a whole lot scarier though.


Lights Out

A woman sees something in the dark. But we promise you will not be able to sleep in the dark after this short.


This film takes the phone call in the middle of the night cliche and flips it on its head. Incredibly scary.


Red Balloon

The directors of this short are VFX artists on Game Of Thrones, Iron man 3 and Gravity and this film is probably one of the best produced ones out of the lot. And that makes it all the more realistic and scary.


Didn’t get scared by any of these? Tell us why in the comments.  And if you have seen films that are scarier than these or equally scary, do tell us about them in the comments.