The face of evil. Forever


You don’t have to be Einstein or one of his descendants to figure out that villains are always the cool guys in movies. But ever since one man and his ape-comrades beat the living daylights out of a ten-headed monster freak, the message has been hammered right into our heads – evil people are bad. Just to contradict that, here’s a list talking about the most iconic supervillains in existence.

1. Darth Vader

Probably the most iconic pop-culture antagonist and yet, he remains a man I wouldn’t mind having as my father. Do I really need to say more?

The face of evil. Forever

2. The Joker

Everyone knows who asked, “Why so serious?” No one knows what Batman said in response to that.

The question will haunt even when he's old and greying

Though the caped-crusader had a plethora of nemeses who did their best to give the giant bat a run for his parents’ hard-earned money, it was Joker who nearly succeeded. He epitomized everything Batman was not – colourful, funny and absolutely nuts – besides also being the things that Batman was – ingenious and dangerous in his own right. The dichotomy between the two was stark, with each perfectly justifying the existence of another. However, the Joker remains one of my favourite evil-heads for another reason – showing that the best way to make a pencil disappear was to smash it through a person’s eye.

3. Voldemort

If I ever saw Voldemort walking down the street, my first impression of him would be that of a paedophile. The second would be an AIDS-patient.Despite having been blessed with an appearance marginally better than that of a burnt lizard, Voldemort undoubtedly has become a villainous icon in the Muggle world. He is evil because he wants to be evil; and that is what makes him so frightening. Add to that the seven Horcruxes, his penchant for murdering people and Ralph Fiennes doing the job on-screen, and you have the scariest and wickedest man-looking-like-an-egg ever.

4. Gabbar

Gabbar was one of those rare Bollywood movie-villains who didn’t seem like he might pee his pant any moment, and that was one of the things I liked about him. The other was his klaxon-like laughter. There was nothing extraordinary about him – he was but a mere, uncouth dacoit who did what all dacoits did. But the way Amjad Khan got the character together is what makes him so memorable. It was the fact that he was so close to reality that made him appeal to the masses and his oddball idiosyncrasies, his dialogues, his unkempt hair – these were the things that set him apart.It was a pity that he was taken down by a duo who thought that sitting on someone’s shoulders while someone rode a bike was the coolest thing in the whole world.

Their mouths do look indicative of something. Sigh.


5. Freddy Krueger

Murder for vengeance is the worst form of murder, and that is where Freddy Krueger’s forte lies. His lack of conscience, his craving for vendetta and the monstrous smile plastered on his charred face make him the most horrifying villain on this list.. Wes Craven clearly didn’t realize what he was creating when he gave birth to Freddy Krueger, because this remorselessly murderer has the capacity to haunt you in your worst nightmares. Literally.

And you thought Wolverine's claws were cool?


With the likes of Norman Bates, Dr. Lecter, Jack Torrance and the ilk left out, this list merely forms the tip of the ice-berg. Badasses have haunted the world since humanity came into existence and will continue to do so till their quest of annihilating mankind is completed. The only difference is, then they cried ‘Muahaha!’ and now they croon ‘Baby, baby, baby, oooooooh.’