Interstellar has polarised the audience into two distinct camps; the people who love it and the people who think it’s ridiculous as hell. (Here’s our review) But what matters is that it has started conversations all over the inter-webs. Right from infographics that clear out the rather daunting timelines from the film to folks poking plot holes in the film.

So we went ahead and made a nifty little video:

And then there is so much more. You can start with Haider Hussain Beig’s Interstellar and How it Saved the Child in Me. And then read MoiFightClub also did a list of articles and videos that you need to check out before you watch Interstellar.

And a brilliant article that explains the symbology of Interstellar.

Anand Kadam made this simplified flowchart to understand the plot of Interstellar.

wormholeThen there’s this epic infographic on imgur that tracks the story exhaustively.

Interstellar was supposed to be a film by Steven Spielberg- here are the changes that Nolan made.