Here’s a fact – you will have to watch films such as Thor and Captain America especially in order to connect well with The Avengers. This is a little unfair but it worth the payoff when you get a film like this at the end of it all.

After being thrown into the abyss at the end of Thor, Loki attacks the Earth in order to get the Tesseract (link to Captain America) which is an energy source of unknown potential, in order to open a portal for getting his Chitauri army on Earth. In order to defend the planet or ‘avenge’ it, S.H.I.E.L.D forms a team of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Hulk assisted by Black Widow and Hawkeye.

The first half of this film revolves around getting the superheroes to ‘gel’ with each other. The ego clashes that they have are brought out by one fight which Iron Man and Thor have. These arguments do help build the characters individually.

Now, what do you when you get average results even after getting actors such as Edward Norton and Eric Bana play the role of Hulk in the past? Well, you hire Mark Ruffallo. Even though Hulk cannot carry a film completely on his shoulders, he can overshadow the rest dude to sheer awesomeness.

Robert Downey Jr. holds his own well and is extremely funny like he is in the Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man series.  Chris Hemsworth who I feel is the weakest actor in the entire film, was spared as this film didn’t require much of his acting. Special effects do most of the work for him and even Chris Evans takes a backseat. Scarlett Johansson delivers a much better performance compared to Iron Man 2 along with Samuel L. Jackson who does what he can best – being a ‘bad motherfucker’. And as for Cobie Smulders? She’s just there.

The whole visual showdown in the climax has a very Michal Bay/Roland Emmerich influence to it. The movie on the whole is nothing new but the way it is shown; right from the witty dialogues from to the special effects puts it head and shoulders above a lot of other films. I just wish the film would have been a little shorter.

To conclude, the film is fun to watch, where you find yourself cheering for the heroes throughout the film. It’ll make you feel like reading your old comic books again.

  • Akshay Singh Ralhi

    I was armed to defend the The Avengers movie if there would be criticism in the Dfuse review but thankfully we get a good one. 
    Kind words!

  • Ayush Dhurka

    Frankly speaking, I thought Chris Hemsworth did a decent job in the movie even with the ‘little acting’ he had to do.  This movie is just high on testosterone and adrenaline. What makes this movie special is its ability to pull off a few scenes that you will remember ten-fifteen years down the line. This movie is a BIG WIN, and is a must watch!