Alien Chutney is one of those bands that you can’t help being curious about. While the name makes your eyes pop, the band members make your jaw drop. If you do however attend any of their gigs, you’ll discover like we did, that you have made yet another right decision in your life.

The five-member band hit The High Spirits in Pune on January 14 in what made for an evening that can barely be forgotten. The band is a guaranteed treat with one of stand-up’s favourites, Vir Das on vocals; the very talented and gifted Sidd Coutto on drums; one of the nation’s finest, Warren Mendonsa on guitar; the supremely endearing Gaurav Gupta on bass and the impressive Kaizad Gherda on keys, not to forget his boyish charm.

Warren Mendonsa

What do you expect when you have four incredible musicians and one insanely witty guy in the house? A riot is what. Right from the minute they started and through the 16 odd songs in the set, there wasn’t a moment that didn’t have the crowd laughing their asses off. Think a bunch of retards sitting around and making songs about the most random things around; except in the case of Alien Chutney, add a ton of quality and style to it. Not to mention, humour.

The unending flow of spontaneous wit that Vir Das keeps throwing at you makes you wonder how the man manages to do it all. And if you are familiar with the nation’s independent music, you know that all the musicians are right on top of their game. Sidd Coutto plays more instruments that you can credit him for, Warren Mendonsa can do things with a guitar that you couldn’t even think of (No pun. Okay, maybe a little!) Gaurav Gupta plays with a bunch of stellar bands and Kaizad Gherda adds supporting vocals besides playing the keys in a way that makes you go weak in the knees.

Vir Das

Some find the lyrics incredibly funny, some just plain pointless. But most will agree that they’re entertaining as hell. Alien Chutney can be one of the most weirdly awesome gigs you’ve attended. Though the members of the band are all a little too familiar, as Sidd Coutto put it, “every collection of people means different music.”

We won’t let out any details of the show. The fun is for you to experience. So the next time you see them playing in your town and you wonder what the fuck they do, be a little more curious and go attend the show. Believe us, you won’t regret your decision.


Photographs by Aniket Dasgupta and Swathy Sethumadhavan