Underground Authority is an alternative rock / rap rock band from Kolkata. Their music is flavoured by a blend of protest poetry, reggae, alternative rock, rap rock and hard rock.

Underground Authority is :
“EP” Iyer, Adil Rashid, Sourish Kumar, Soumyadeep “Bubbla” Bhattacharya and Kuntal De ( Missing In Action)

Crew –
Episode Producer : Rajdip Ray
DOP and Editor: Abhimanyu Sengupta
Sound Mixing and Engineering : Adil Rashid
Colour Grading : Abhimanyu Sengupta & Aniket Dasgupta
Post Production Supervisor : Aniket Dasgupta
Series Producers : Aniket Dasgupta, Swathy Sethumadhavan & Rajdip Ray

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Produced by High Ninja Media

  • khalnayak

    brilliant !!!

  • MrSaboteur

    Why does the music sounds like Lucky Ali’s “Oh Sanam”