Jordan Johnson is the kind that you could easily spot in a crowd. An up and coming musician, his boyish looks can make anyone do a double take. Thrown initially into the spotlight by Tehelka’s The Music Project, he went on to release his first studio album in January 2012. Having been born and brought up in India; Jordan admits being influenced by the Indian sound to a large extent. “Not the mainstream, but Indian music has definitely been an influence. Some of the notes I sing are on the Indian scale.”, he says.



His musical journey began about six years ago with his love for the underground music scene. His inspirations range from Angus and Julia Stone to John Mayer and Fink among many others. Shielded behind the mic, his guitar and a laptop, we caught him at one of his shows as part of the ‘Album Launch Tour’ and had quite an interesting discussion. For some unexplained reason, his age is meant to be a secret but we don’t think that should come in the way of anything.

Thoroughly enjoying the pursuit of a musical career, Jordan is already working on a second studio album which is definitely well awaited. Meanwhile, here’s a little about the first.

Album: Distance and A Kiss

When listening to it the first time, there is every possibility that you will breeze through the 10 songs of this 30:33-minute album. The entire album has a similar tone of acoustic melody with slight hint of melancholy. But play it back a couple times and you’ll find yourself warming up to the music and lyrics.

Here’s an insight into three of the songs –


The beauty of this song lies in its simplicity. Simple chords, thoughtful lyrics and a catchy chorus come together to create a beautiful experience.

I’ll Do What I Can

This one is dreamy and sad but it can make you smile. The heart feels happy with lyrics like “I’ll take a boat, I’ll swim the sea, I’ll fly I’ll run I’ll walk, just to see your face”


This song stands out as a favourite – an odd choice considering the profound sadness that it can induce. It’s an emotional love song and Jordan’s smooth-as-hell vocals support lyrics that go like this – “If you were the world, I would be the sun, revolving around you and occasionally brightening your day. If you were the moon, I would be the stars, revolving around you and continuously showing you on” 


As said earlier, the rest of the album is pretty much the same but pick it up if you’re looking for some mellow tunes.


Photograph by Aniket Dasgupta