Update: The cops have asked for an explanation. (duh!)
A new video has gone viral and all the social masturbation sites have picked it up. We saw it yesterday and were hoping it went viral. Cause we had something to say. Firstly these claims of delivering a pizza using a drone is far from Amazon’s drone program that it is so widely being compared to. Even delivering the pizza using a drone bit isn’t new:

Someone even delivered Beer using a drone:

We must tell you that laws regarding Drones are sketchy all over the world, that’s the reason why Amazon didn’t shoot their video in The US of A.

Anyone with access to eBay.in can buy a fully functioning Quadcopter or Octocopter or you could buy kits that you can customize and build your own.



Obviously the more you pay, the better your device is. Also, we believe that the whole point of this “drone” is some what stupid, cause this is still being controlled manually

“At present, Rajani said, the drones are being operated manually but added in future, we can have drones fly by themselves on predetermined flight paths made using GPS data.”

What the video didn’t show you was a man with a remote control haplessly  running around Mumbai, trying to fly a “drone”  (it’s damn hard flying these things) and we’d like to tell Mr.Mikhel Rajani that GPS enabled drones aren’t very costly either- you get one for less that 500 USD – The DJI PHANTOM


We agree that the range and application of the DJI- Phantom is not exactly catered for pizza delivery but it has GPS and it was used in making this video:

We’d like to mention that the legislation in our country regarding unmanned aerial vehicles are still blurry- there are incidents of remote control parts or entire drones being held up by customs during the import process. Their argument is that such things can be used for terrorist activities- like delivering a bomb…or better a bomb in a pizza box . There’s a bollywood movie waiting to be made on that.

And legally you can’t fly an unmanned air vehicle in public spaces without permission- we don’t know if these guys had permission though.

And this is not just India. Even the FAA in USA has said: “There are no shades of gray in FAA regulations. Anyone who wants to fly an aircraft—manned or unmanned—in U.S. airspace needs some level of FAA approval. Private sector (civil) users can obtain an experimental airworthiness certificate to conduct research and development, training and flight demonstrations.  Commercial UAS operations are limited and require the operator to have certified aircraft and pilots, as well as operating approval. “



Our guess is that India doing something like this would require permission from the DGCA and also bring into question which frequency band their RC was on. Cause even that’s regulated here.

This website says that you need permission from The Ministry of Defence and The DGCA.

Lastly, and this we want to ask the guys behind the video- Why not credit the musicians whose music you have used in your video? No problem, we will. The song is King’s Dream by The F-16s