A few days ago representatives of Sony India wrote to me asking if I wanted review a “personal audio device”. And I thought it was one of those battery powered personal speakers. But when I had to take this device home from where I had it dropped off, I realised how freaking heavy and big this was.

This wasn’t intended to be done as a video review but then I realized a video review could be a place to have some fun and that’s exactly what I did.

In all honesty, I did actually use the device for more than a week- every night for about 9 hours straight. I hooked it up to my iPod Classic 160 GB and that was that.  And as I experience withdrawal symptoms while writing this I have to admit- I wouldn’t have actually considered buying this device earlier but the sheer sound that this delivers is just perfect for my small little world (i.e. my room). What kept me from buying it? The cost obviously. I just didn’t have the dough for this rather hefty beast.

But getting to the specifics, since this is technically a review:


Multiple Connectivity Options (Line In audio input jack, USB, Blue Tooth)

Incredible Sound – Especially the bass (DubStep glitches and drops sound amazing- I almost don’t hate the genre now)

Bluetooth Connectivity (It took my 15 year old sister to figure how to work it- she read the manual) 

Remote Control (Very unlikely for a device that is sold for it’s wireless bluetooth capabilities- but makes sense for people like me who are going to hook stuff using the USB port- like I did with my iPod Classic)



No Battery


The Shitty LED lights (These look very tacky- like those cheap unbranded Chinese Toys)

Also I must add that the device does have only a few equalizer presets, it doesn’t have a custom equalizer but I wasn’t really expecting one.

It officially costs Rs.16,999 but you can get it for a bit lesser on sites like SnapDeal.