This is a hilarious article on why working in a bookshop is not as mundane as it seems. After all, who wouldn’t like working in a place where they are asked for a sequel to the diary of Anne Frank? 


The HOLLYWOOD sign was originally put up in 1923 to advertise a housing development in the hills above the Hollywood district. It was spelt as HOLLYWOODLAND. Over the years, it went through a lot of damage until it was restored in 1978 by using funds from these donors.


India’s biggest Electronic Dance Music Festival kicks off with its summer leg this year on the 6th, 7th and 8th of April at Tulip Star in amchi Mumbai. Boasting a massive line-up of international artists like Gareth Emery, Skazi, GMS and Mat Zo, as well as a host of Indian DJs like Pearl, Lost Stories, Arjun Vagale and Anish Sood; this is one massive event you DO NOT want to miss! For more details, visit


Kimya Dawson is an anti-folk singer and songwriter known for her lo-fi albums. She is also one half of the duo, The Moldy Peaches along with Adam Green. Listen to her song, ‘Viva la Persistence’ and make sure to pay attention to its lyrics. It’ll leave you thinking. 


The Made by Hand series is a project created out of the belief that the things we collect and consume shape our everyday lived. ‘The Beekeeper’ which is the third of this series gives an insight into the life of a beekeeper. Besides appealing your visually, this video celebrates people who make things with their own hands. Do take a look.


Ever wanted to spruce up a house party? Try serving alcohol buckets instead of the plain old coke-soda-juice combos. All you need is a small-size bucket (an ice bucket, if you wish to splurge) and several straws. Take some plain or flavoured vodka, cranberry juice, soda, lime concentrate and loads of ice. Mix these well in the bucket and pass it around for a night of unadulterated fun!