Invisible Children is an NGO started by three filmmakers – Ben Keesey, Laren Poole and Jason Russel. It deals with improving the lives of people in the conflict-stricken areas of Northern Uganda. They have been instrumental in bringing about change to a large extent and are relentlessly working to stop Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army that abducts children and converts them into child soldiers.

After making a couple of films to raise awareness about the atrocities committed in the region by Kony, Invisible Children has now launched a mega campaign – KONY 2012, launched with an eponymously-named video, this campaign aims to make the infamous (literally) Joseph Kony famous to ensure that he is captured and then tried. It is narrated by Russell who puts things into perspective in the most hard-hitting manner.

It’s a 30-minute-long documentary which we strongly recommend. We won’t reveal the contents here but we promise you that it will impact you more than you can imagine. It discusses the issue, the problem, the potential solution and tells you how you can be an important part of the whole process.

There are also a lot of people who are against the idea of direct US military intervention and have their doubts about the NGO working behind this idea. This blog offers a different perspective to the story though it doesn’t disagree with the fact that this idea is brilliant. As far as using social media for a good cause is concerned, this is one of the best examples we have. Do watch the video and tell us how you felt about it.


Update : As if to answer the questions raised by it’s critics, Invisible Children posted this yesterday. 


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