We owe much to Charles M. Schulz for giving the Peanuts to the world. Of other little treasures is this pint-sized lovable book called Love is Walking Hand in Hand which describes love through common everyday events. It never hurt a soul to just sit and smile at times. Have a look at it here.


De Paix Yatra is a unique two-month motorbike journey from Mumbai to London travelling through 8 nations and over 50 cities to spread the message of non-violence. This new-age peace movement initiated by a group of young and determined individuals from Mumbai begins in June from The Gateway of India. Take a look at their page for everything you need to know.


The Norbulingka Institute located in Dharamshala aims at preserving all elements of Tibetan Culture. It has a beautiful monastery in its premises in which time passes as a matter of seconds. Visit it to understand how a self-sufficient world would be like. If nothing else, go there for its eatery and the delicious momos that it serves.


Former skateboard pro, Matt Costa banks on the strengths of some very workman-like pop songs and has a very smooth, appealing voice. Jack Johnson’s very good friend, it was through him that Costa got into the ‘industry’.  Some songs you must listen to are ‘Lilacs’, ‘Cold December’, ‘Yellow Taxi’, ‘Astair’ and ‘Mr. Pitiful’.


An Oscar-winning film, The Crush  is the story of an eight-year old school boy who is so smitten by his teacher that he threatens to kill her fiancé if he does not pull out of the marriage. Director Micheal Creagh earns many smiles with this small and simple story with its heart the right place.



See all those empty beer and wine bottles piling up around the house? You can put them to so much creative use. If you’re not happy with just one lamp, string more together or make a chandelier for the bar. Go crazy with that imagination. Get some tips here.