City of Sperms

Manu Joseph from Open Magazine writes about the irony that Delhi is. With his clever use of metaphors and poignant wit, he sure manages to gauge a lot of reactions. Give it a patient read and a lot of thought – you might agree with a lot of things he’s saying. But then again, you might not. Share your thoughts with us too.


Music from Iceland? Really?

Well, you probably haven’t heard of Björk. She’s been in the music scene since the 1990s and her singles have been featured in the UK Top 10 and her albums have sold millions of copies. She’s experimented with genres as varied as EDM and folk. Do check her music out and see her videos on YouTube too.


For the ones who are fans of Indi pop art, this is one place you should definitely go to. Renowned for its originality and innovation, Tappu ki Dukaan in Bombay has earned a lot of name all over India. From funky shot glasses to photo frames to  bags to table mats and much more, this is a brilliant place to go to


Paradise is the second single from Coldplay’s fifth studio album ‘Mylo Xyloto’. Loaded with theatrical strings, chords and just the right amount of depression, it’s about a woman yearning to escape her life to attain nirvana. Trust us when we say this, the chorus is gonna be stuck in your head for a while.


What the hell can happen in a span of ten minutes? In this short film, director Ahmed Imamovic answers this question as he depicts the Bosnian Crisis in a deeply touching manner by using two completely different locations, Sarajevo and Rome.


It sure is irritating when there is something wrong with the hookah you’ve just made and you don’t know what! Worse is when you have to do it all over again! Here’s a simple video on how you can make a good hookah yourself.