Appointed as Britain’s poet laureate in May 2009, Carol Ann Duffy is a Scottish poet. Not a rose, nor a kissogram – the poet presents you with an onion on Valentine’s Day. In this poem, the poet succinctly tells you why too. It’s a little dark but a good read for sure.


It’s not fiction. It’s not fantasy. It’s somewhere on the borderline of both.  Magical realism is a genre of writing wherein magical elements blend with the real story. They are written about in a way where they almost seem real. Check out some of Toni Morrison’s or Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ work to read about the same.


Pune’s Ishanya Mall is known for a lot of the unique things that it does. With its open-air art exhibitions, film nights, trade fairs and more, it hosts a flea market every weekend. It’s the perfect place to spend some good quality time. You can shop well and sensibly too!


Ankur and the Ghalat Family’s frontman, Ankur Tewari has hit the notes right with this one. His latest single ‘Aa Jao’ speaks volumes because of how it doesn’t have any fancy add-ons. The lyrics are beautiful and it’s a perfect song to listen to while you are sitting by the window and having a cup of coffee. We highly recommend.


Kenneth Sebastian, an aspiring film-maker from Bangalore and one half of the band, Anup and Kenneth is known to kick a of stereotypical ideas right in the ass. With his kind of thinking, he sure knows how to raise a few eyebrows. Watch Bliss and you shall agree too.


Light a small lamp with mustard oil. Put another lamp of the same size on top of it. After 10 minutes, remove the lamp on top and you’ll find  black residue left on its surface. Mix a little bit of butter with the residue and there you have some kohl for your eyes!