Very nice perspective, I must say. It was a good choice to convert this one to black and white. The shades of black, white and grey are evenly balanced. It is almost as if the cycles in the foreground and background frame the person in the middle. It is always refreshing to see something like this which dares enough to go beyond the usual perspective. The mood of this picture is thus anything but mundane.











The flames add motion to the picture and create a really nice mood. I love the fact that the man is actually looking into the camera. In any other picture, the hand sticking into the frame would have been disturbing. In this one though, I like it since it adds a sense of intrigue to the frame. Accidental, but nice. A tighter cropping from the bottom and the right would have done the trick well!











The low-light condition has been handled really well in the photograph. I like the fact that a certain amount of blur has been added to the people in the background. The action of the people taking blessings from the fire gives a very nice perspective to the frame. All in all, a personal feeling has been created between the viewer, the fire and the subjects.











Personally, I wish a different white balance had been used since the warmth doesn’t work too well for me. However, the motion blur works perfectly well. I guess this could have worked well with a horizontal frame too. Again, a tighter crop from the top would have been better. I love the way the writing on the wall complements what the guy is doing. Good one!








This one is a beautiful use of a larger aperture. I love the fact that the background is completely blurred and the focus is only on the subject. Thank God a horizontal frame has been used – I like that choice! According to me, this is the best picture of the lot.








The red paint on the wall, the half-torn passport size photos stuck to the wall and the lady’s gaze add a strong character to this photograph. I love the colors in this one but I believe that it could have worked well in monochrome too. All in all, it’s a good picture!