Growing up, the things I heard about my supposed home amidst the mountains were completely contradictory to the three words Kashmir was described to be. It was known to me as the place that we, as Kashmiri Pundits were forced to leave. The images in my head were always layered with a dull grey.

Years later, I decided to head back to the North and have a look again- with a perspective that was different, a perspective that was mine. What if we hadn’t been pushed out? What if I were still living here? Home to me is about simple things that mark me to be different- and these pictures are how I perceived this place, or home as they call it, to be.


  • Rahul

    I fail to realise the significance of this post. Neither the pictures represent Kashmir in true sense nor the post. People often fail to realise that there is more to Kashmir than just Dal Lake.

    • Kanksha

      Hi Rahul. The significance of this post is that it represents the Kashmir as seen by a person who hasn’t lived there, despite it being her home. These pictures are a few things, out of several others, that made her realise that Kashmir is not dull. And if you look at the collection, there are 3 pictures of the Dal Lake, taken at different spans of time. I want to ask you one question- What, according to you, is Kashmir in it’s true sense?