I  believe that it is emotion that completes any form of art. Portrait photography is a great way to enhance this belief.

Portrait Photography is a very well known topic, but seldom less understood. Taking photographs of people is the easiest way to start into portrait photography. A person who is capable of pointing a camera and take a picture can certainly make a portrait.

A portrait is not a snapshot: it deals more with person’s likeness. A good portrait expresses the person’s inner self by capturing it in different angels. A good portrait reveals the subject’s personality, attitude and other features that form the nature of the person. It always tries to tell us something about the subject.

Controlled lighting, posing, and composition capture the essence of a good portrait. It deals with at least one element that reveals the subject’s personality and attitude.

Photographers to look up:

Dorothea Lange lived during a crucial time in the world and captured the time in Famous Portrait Photographs. She is known for the photographs she took during the great depression. Her Portraits did not only communicate the identity of a single person, but of an entire nation. She indeed humanized the Great Depression and its tragic consequences.

Entering the world of David de Souza’s images provides one with an insight into the mind of a maverick educationist. Do not miss his many monographs: Mythology and Dreams, to name a few. To quote him, “I think the fundamental of life is that we are born to be free. If there is a bhagwaan who created us, he wants us to not be shackled. Be yourself. You should fully be who you are; I should be fully David – that is what it is to be fully bhagwaan.” Now, that’s saying something!