We received a few of photos from Shahidha out of which we decided to feature the following:

I have forever been in love with the monochrome frame. However, the proper use of the monochrome is very difficult to master. In this picture, I like the perspective. I like it a lot. However, I’d prefer to see the whole of this cart in the frame. More space should have been included to the right of the cart.

The picture, on the whole, however, is still very good.  The cart in the foreground teamed with the interesting background makes a very good capture.

Again, brilliant perspective. Furthermore, the choice to convert the image into black and white was a very good one. What the black and white frame has done is that it has brought out and has made vivid the various tonalities and the shadows and the highlights in this picture. It is quite difficult to imagine this image in colour, would be rather meaningless I suppose. Well done!

Colour. Amazing colour. Also, very well framed. The viewer is drawn, in the very first glance, to the main subject, that is, the butterfly. There is a lot of vibrancy in this image and the hues are well balanced and maintains this vibrancy very well. Moreover, the coolness of the blue compliments the warmth of the shades of the butterfly very well.  The picture is brilliantly focussed and no part of the butterfly, the main subject, is blurred.Very  good work.

This is a very interesting frame. I would not say this is my favourite of the lot but it sure does appeal to me in a very unexplainable way.  The way the frog is sheltered under the lush green leaves gives an uncanny feeling of anticipation. The lines and textures of the leaf above are quite prominent, too – very nice!

However, I do feel that the cropping needed to be tighter so that the viewer’s gaze would not wander a lot, but well, that is totally a personal opinion. I do feel that so much of the green was not necessary.

One thing that has been quite consistent through all the shots of these creepy beauties of yours is the brilliant focussing. True for this one, too, this image is brilliant focussed – again! The other thing I like a lot about this picture, besides its brilliant focussing is the framing. The way the creature has been framed enhances its long, slender body very well.

Again, howvere, the only glitch I feel is in the cropping. I feel that so much of room need not have been left at the top of the frame.

But besides that, there hardly is anything to complain about. The colour balance is very good, the hues are maintained really well and, I mention this again, the picture is brilliantly focussed!

Here’s wishing you all the best! Keep up the good work!