Editors note: We’ve been trying to get Aman’s work on dfuse.in for a while now and when he wrote in last week, we were more than excited. Here’s a glimpse of his ongoing project People I Know.
This is what he had to set about his work and particularly this series: 

“I  took particular interest in photography at the age of sixteen, with attempts at documenting the people and surroundings that then made up my life. After learning a lot on my own and practicing, I started experimenting with how far I could go to exploit the potential of an image to convey a message, or even an abstract meaning perhaps.

Through the series ‘People I know’, I try to go deeper and just beyond faces – attempting to bring out the essence of their personalities, my view of them and of their personal outlook and beliefs, that resides much beneath the surface.

Other photographs explore abstract and emotionally complex subjects – some of which have allowed my own questions, fears and conflicts to find expression through them.

Quite unrelated to my personal work, photojournalism excites me the most and is a field I wish to explore in the future.
I have a Photoblog and can also be found on Flickr and Facebook.