As a colour, red is extremely powerful. It holds utmost significance and even has a lot of hidden meaning. Because it catches the eye so easily, it is a colour that has become a part of our lives; a part of us. It is also known to be associated with an adrenaline rush, a certain kind of excitement or even the rise of one’s blood pressure. This might not happen evidently but is subtly felt by the individual. I have tried to portray just that – whether it be a woman wearing a red shirt on a beach, or the adrenaline rush that a teenager feels while doing something “wrong”, or just the colour red hidden in nature in different forms, we all get attracted to it, unconsciously or otherwise. Do take a look and tell us what you think.



  • Aditi

    Would love to know the significance of the colour red. The last picture is stunning. 

  • Akshay Singh Ralhi

    Oh là là.

  • Indraneel Nighojkar

    the first and the last picture…damn good

  • Avni Murthy

    Good stuff Mel :) 

  • Saleena Aggarwal

    Melo, the last picture is stunning. Wow.

  • Qais Husein

    love the third pic :)

  •élody-Lambert-Gimey/575026591 Mélody Lambert-Gimey

    Thank you so much :)