What can one expect when the largest student-run organization of the world joins hands to promote a social cause?
Success, you say?
Change, we say!
Shirin Rai Gupta writes about Discovering Hope, an AIESEC initiative at DU for promoting breast cancer awareness.

In the cushioned sphere of the privileged, it isn’t hard to forget that a lesser fortunate world runs a parallel existence. While some individuals and groups take on isolated social responsibility projects and call it ‘giving back to society’, there exists a smaller percentage of youngsters that does not shirk away from wholly immersing itself into the cause of sharing. The largest student run organization of the world, AIESEC primarily works towards facilitating international internships for students and promoting cultural exchange between countries. In the Capital, the Delhi University chapter has ensured that cultural exchange includes a firsthand experience in moving towards an understanding of social problems and working at the grass root level to bring about change…not only in the field of education but even health.

Breast cancer awareness is one issue that although addressed by a variety of initiatives, hasn’t yet managed to touch the very soul of India. AIESEC in Delhi University attempts to change that by presenting Discovering Hope, a cultural programme that bends away from the conventional, on the 9th of April 2011. Unlike the multitude of soirees that decorate Delhi every night, Discovering Hope begins and ends with the energetic involvement of students who refuse to catch their breath until their goal is achieved. Partnering with the Indian Cancer Society, AIESEC in DU shall donate all the proceeds from the event towards a Free Mammogram Drive in the city; hold pre event Awareness Drives at populous locations like the North Campus of DU and Select Citywalk and the DLF Promenade malls besides presenting intense performances at the Siri Fort Auditorium for anyone and everyone, sans entry charges.

A few of the special guests include Dr. Ranjana Kumari [Director of the Centre for Social Research (CSR)], Mr. Ram Sarvapalli [Partner, Ernst & Young], Mr. Pradeep Gupta [CE0 Visnova Solutions].  Many international interns shall also be present at the event, interacting with the guests and sharing insights about their experiences in India. Besides Discovering Hope, AIESEC in DU has delivered other successful events such as the Youth to Business Forum and Global Village in 2010. The Global Entrepreneurs Programme of the local chapter provides a forum for students to participate in international exchange programs for a pre decided period of time and thus gather knowledge that a uni- linear internship can never provide.

Though the evolution of ideas and though patterns takes a considerable amount of time, AIESEC has managed to revolutionise cross border relationships. The ever evolving spirit of working towards a better future for many and not just a few makes these students connect with their cause and thus deliver positivity.