Looking back at SIMC (UG)’s 2013 batch’s experiences over the past 2 months, Neha Joshi writes about the word that’s been doing quite the rounds lately.

My article is on what almost all of us have been talking about lately – the nasty D word, Detention and its origins and the crazy things that happen there. Nobody would have thought the library could be so much fun. Relationships have bloomed, blood has flown – twice, this time for a longer period (aaj toh khoon bahega!) and entire batches have fought over the pretty people sitting there. It is about time somebody wrote about it.

When we first heard about detention, it seemed like something everyone is too scared to play with.  But within the month, the glorious seven days were thrust upon two of our own.Says Garima Parekh, “I felt weird being the first. Everyone used to ask me how it was and what we did there. I was curious though… and a little anxious too.”

Soon detention became the modern version of caning, given at the drop of a hat. Only now, the pain lasted longer, sometimes even up to three weeks. Claiming that detention is now a ritual for him, Rishabh Kumar, recipient of two detentions, had a lot to say. “I’m the expert. The upside is that I have now been acquainted with the librarian. He knows I study and hence doesn’t give me much work.”

Everyone seems to be banished to his territory at least once in 3 years but sometimes, the librarian, Gangaram Mate feels he is the one being punished. He adds, “Some of the students irritate me. The just don’t listen! They come late, leave early and don’t go for their breaks on time.” But there must be some benefit of having so many gifted individuals in a room full of books. “Yes,” he replies, “The library work does get done faster.” For all of you who thought detention was just time to catch up on your reading, there is work to be done too (no surprise there).

The most interesting part has got to be the reasons people have for being bestowed with this honor. From proxies to PDA (as if) to wearing peep toes on Monday to peeping into a classroom – the most bizarre reasons find pride of place in this list. “The reasons given are so stupid. What about students who do worse things? If we’re not going to have fun in college, then when will we?” exclaimed a very emotional individual who didn’t want to be named (no, it isn’t Anonymous). Rishabh added, “It is a very tyrannical system. We get detentions for no valid reason.”

Since the student council seems to be popular these days, the very cute, charming, oh-so-good looking, yummy overall coordinator, Sumedh Natu was asked to comment. “I think it is fucked up. Maybe the faculty thinks that it’s a good way to set an example but it is ruining the lives of many who don’t deserve it.” He speaks well and he’s (non) controversial and single too!

With laptops not being allowed, the fresh entrants in Semester 2 seem to be having a tough time. “The new detention kids must being dying without laptops,” thinks the very experienced Garima. It’s true – experience does bring wisdom for Aditi Dharmadhikari, currently in detention concludes with a plea. “Dying. Need… Laptop.”

^^Photo Courtesy: Paarth Nair