This beat is purely dedicated to the “blood-sucking, parasitic” life we lead on campus But here’s something we’ve been looking forward to (or not) since some time now – Valentine’s Day! With the arrival of this occasion, we asked some people from SIMC (UG) and outside to take some time out of their busy canteen-going, Coke-guzzling life and spare a minute for us poor souls so that they could tell us what their plans for Valentine’s are.

Here are the answers we got:

“Watch a sappy romantic comedy and wish I could be with my boyfriend.”

“Brunch, arcade games, dinner and hopefully a scary movie would describe my perfect Valentine’s Day. Scented candles and edible lingerie is not our style!”

“I don’t believe that Valentine’s is about hearts and roses. It’s about expressing your feelings to someone without any fear. I am glad I am getting to celebrate it for the first time this year.”

“Kiss a cute, gay guy!”

“I’ve been dating her for two and a half years now. This year, I made tiny flash cards with the most important dates of our relationship. The last note led to my bedroom where I was waiting with a huge card that said, ’14-02-11. The day I fell in love with you for the millionth time.’

p.s. The house was empty. Why else would you think I’d call her?”

“Harass couples with my single friends and claim to be from the MNS!”

“Valentine’s Day is a bad excuse to be with your partner. Two things are understood here – either you are lame, or your partner is!”

“I don’t exactly know what I am doing but I’ll make sure my boyfriend takes me out shopping!”

“Have a romantic candlelit dinner amidst music by The Fray.”

“Get drunk.”

  • Lionel Jeff

    LOVE LOVE…..

    Every one's in love…

    Getting drunk is the best thing ever….

  • Nikki

    Had the best valentine's day ever……:D