10 minutes read

Interview: Amlan Datta (Part 2)

In the second part of our two-part interview with Amlan Datta, the independent filmmaker talks to Rajdip Ray about his adopted children, his passion for independent cinema and more. Read…..

5 minutes read

Interview: Jhangir Kerawala

A writer of fabulous short stories and the creator of the Timpa comic series, Jhangir Kerawala now even has a novel in his kitty. Here, he talks to us about…..

6 minutes read

Interview: Ashwin Sanghi

P.C. Cherian: To start with, I loved Chanakya’s Chant. I like how it has a parallel story of a modern-day individual that combines statesman with kingmaker. It’s almost as if…..

6 minutes read

Interview: Ronald Malfi

There are very few writers whose writing can make you speculate about a topic for a long time. Ronald Malfi is an example of such a writer. With works like…..

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Interview: Q

It’s disgusting. It’s disturbing. It’s too radical. It’s not meant for Indian audiences. Those were the reactions I received from folks who managed to watch the movie, Gandu. However, for…..

4 minutes read

Interview: Judy Balan

A few months ago, Judy Balan was a name that only a lot of avid bloggers and blog-readers were familiar of. I must admit that I wasn’t one of them……