6 minutes read

Interview: Oswald Pereira

You might have read his columns in The Times of India, Outlook, The Free Press Journal or The Financial Express. We are sure you have come across his writing if…..

7 minutes read

Interview: Dualist Inquiry

Immense potential + heart-warming humility – pretty much the first impression Sahej Bakshi leaves you with. This Delhi-based Electronica artist has an easily-endearing vibe that works in perfect harmony with his crowd-pleasing charm.

4 minutes read

Interview: Keshav Dhar

How does it feel to be the anchor behind a project like Skyharbor that has reached an amazing level of popularity within a short span of time? how does it…..

5 minutes read

Interview: Andy Riley

Comics, cartoons and illustrations get stuck to your brain in such an effortless manner. Growing up, I remember being fascinated with Roald Dahl books simply ‘coz of the way Quentin…..

6 minutes read

Interview: Anup Kurian

He’s the man behind Naseeruddin Shah-starrer The Blueberry Hunt and has been in the talks for a long time now. Falah Faisal talks to Anup Kurian about his first film, his choices…..

7 minutes read

Interview: Shaa’ir and Func

  “Anybody, anywhere understands honesty” The sincerity and conviction with which she said those words about their music left an immediate impact on me. This Mumbai-based duo are not only…..