6 minutes read

Interview: Onir

He made us all take notice with his first film, My Brother Nikhil. With his latest, I Am, Onir has shown a new side of cinema to the Indian audience……

5 minutes read

Interview: Soulmate

“You can’t bullshit the feel man”, he said. I say he, but I mean Rudy Wallang. Guitarist, songwriter and composer for the world-famous Blues band, Soulmate from Shillong. They were…..

10 minutes read

Interview: Ankur Tewari

He’ plays with  the Ghalat Family. He is the voice behind Jannat, one of India’s most original albums in recent times. If you are looking for meaningful music, you have…..

5 minutes read

Interview: Uday Benegal

In the year 1988, India’s first all-original rock album was released by Rock Machine. The band’s name was later changed to Indus Creed in 1993. Since it’s inception, Indus Creed…..

6 minutes read

Interview: Nandita Das

She has taken up one challenging role after another and has acted in movies of various languages. Her directorial debut, Firaaq, proved why India is so proud of her. One…..

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Interview: Kainaz Motivala

Kainaz Motivala studied to become a journalist, was a part of the modelling industry, switched her career to acting and is even a published writer. Here, she talks to us…..