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Aniket: So Starting off tell us about how Slain started off…give us a history lesson.. How did you guys meet..the band members??? Naresh: After his 2nd PU results, Judah knew…..

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Interview:Wilbur Sargunaraj

Aniket: Wilbur anna, I’ve become a fan of your work after my friend Andre Peter, told me about you , I also watched this song called “blog Song” , how…..

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Interview: Goldspot

This interview with Siddhartha Khosla first appeared in the third and last issue of the PDF version of dfuse.in  It was originally published in 2010 and has been maintained in…..

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Interview: Cyanide

Just spoke to Rohan Solomon of Cyanide , these guys just put out there new EP.. pretty good stuff , I’ll review that later. 1.Firstly how did the name cyanide…..