There are shows you plan to attend which fail to meet expectations and then there are shows you attend spontaneously which turn out to be a cut above the rest. This one though – on September 9, in Pune – was one that we planned on attending for days and it was worth every minute.

Monica “Shaa’ir” Dogra

Shaa’ir and Func played at The High Spirits as part of their ‘I Am, We Are, You Is’ 4-city mini India tour. Featuring Jai Row Kavi on drums and Rohit Pereira (P-man) on bass, the show which was a little delayed, eventually gathered its people and fitting response once they were on stage.

Randolph "RoboCop" Correia
Randolph “Func” Correia

Lashing out lyrics of ‘Embrace’ to start the night, the feisty Monica Dogra had all eyes on her in no time. And if you know their music, there is no way one won’t be enraptured by their sheer brilliance. The duo is a pure visual delight – Monica, oozing subtle sensuality and Randolph, complimenting her perfectly on the guitar.

“Everything changes and you got to make it last”, said Monica as they streamed into tracks like ‘Together Again’ and a significantly re-worked ‘Sexy Scam’ which was dedicated on the night to ‘all the women of Pune’. A woman of intoxicating spirit, Monica even included playing the xylophones and tambourine between her alluring dance moves and winning attempts at teasing the cameras.

They had the crowd completely under their enchanting web by the time they progressed seamlessly into ‘Who Says’ and ‘Shine’. But the best of the night was still in store – as the first beat of ‘My Roots’ hit the air, everyone simply lost it. Undeniably one of their most popular songs, this one had everyone in the crowd singing along to every line. No lie.

Jai Row Kavi
Jai Row Kavi

The act was a perfect synergy of four incredible artists coming together to create a state of conscious trance. Jai Row Kavi’s drumming deserves a distinct mention along with P-man, an absolutely wild powerhouse of energy. “How I live my life is the real revolution” – Monica’s words prelude the atmosphere being taken to an all new high with what was unfortunately the last track of the night – a cover of ‘Creator’. Thoroughly captivated souls were left craving for more as they all took a final bow.


‘Individualistic’ is the word that comes to mind when one thinks of Shaa’ir and Func. Man, they lived up to every last bit of expectation! The duo’s lyric and rhythm amalgamate effortlessly into a controlled whizz of astounding music. Monica Dogra and Randolph Correia are indisputably one of the nation’s best live acts and the next time you get a chance to catch them live – you know you don’t want to miss it!

Photos by Anurag Banerjee


  • Swathy Sethumadhavan

    Already kicking myself for missing it.

    This, I love , gongura!

  • Aniket Dasgupta

    Awesome review Gongura…too bad I missed the gig.