Aniket: Wilbur anna, I’ve become a fan of your work after my friend Andre Peter, told me about you , I also watched this song called “blog Song” , how did it all start?

Wilbur:Blog Song was composed while I was doing a field Trip in Tokyo Japan. At that time blogs were very popular and the most famous quote on the internet that people would say to each other was “Please Check My Blog”! I decided to write a song on this topic…this is a great example of making a common phrase extra ordinary.

All this started by just enjoying the music and doing what I love doing!

Aniket: People are saying that you are not real , but I have enough reason to believe you are real and not just a viral marketing thing….Tell us more about yourself….

Wilbur:What is the meaning of real? I think I am alive and real? No? Hmmm I am not sure how to answer this question. This would be like asking Michael Jackson why he wears sunglasses, gloves and pants that dont come down to his ankles. Was he real when he wore his outfit or was he real at his residence. The same goes for the Lady Gaga I am very comfortable to be who I am Wilbur Sargunaraj while on video, or at the bazaar or while at the tea stall! This is my willingness to be honest about who i feel I am.

I can tell you for sure this is not a viral campaign….This is a campaign for people to enjoy my music!

I am based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu but I also consider Canada as a second home as I do a lot of music production there as well. I have family living in the Middle East and Canada so I often make trips to visit them. I am considering moving to Toronto, Canada in the near future.

Aniket: How does it feel to be so very popular…I mean so many people just love what you do….how does it feel.

Wilbur:I hope I can inspire people to be better human beings! If I am doing this while people are having fun my goal is being accomplished! I want to use my popularity to spread the message of peace and unity! Its very important!

Aniket: how do come up with the whole idea of the song..the dance ..the lyrics?

Wilbur:I make music for people to enjoy! So they can dance and sing along! I write music with a purpose! My lyrics are simple and the messages are things that people can relate to no matter where you are in the world. I grew up listening to Boney M. That is where I get all my disco influence from. My cousins used to bring back tapes to India of George Michael, Wham, Lionel Richie…these people were inspirations for my singing. Let us not forget one of my greatest influences for rhythm and dance. Mr Michael Jackson. Wonderful singer, dancer and the beats were first class!!! I also love a singer from Miami , Florida called Willy Chirino…amazing voice! These days I am listening to Solitudes and Nature music to give my ears a rest from the constant throb of dance music.

I have worked hard to understand computers and how to make music on it. This is where most of my music is produced. Ideas come very quickly. For example I wrote the Blog Song in less than 20 minutes. The second album that is coming out (top secret release date) was mostly written on a 18 hour flight from Chennai to Toronto. When you are passionate about something it comes quickly! The key is to let it come naturally and not force to write a good song! Love Marriage came from deep within my soul. On my team for a live performance there is just one drummer who travels with me although I am looking to get some dancers for my live show at the moment.

Aniket: And who does all the music…do you use auto tune..??? When did you start playing the drums??

Wilbur:I do all the music and production. With the second album I got the help of some amazing sound engineer in Canada called Nicholas Hayes to mix it. Yes I like the auto tune effect but I took vocal coaching and I don’t use it that much anymore! People will be surprised at the vocal quality in the second album!

I started playing on my amma’s pots and pans when I was a very little boy. I started playing drum set when I was 15. I would like to thank the following Drum companies for helping me in my musical dream. Epek Drums, Vater Sticks, Evans Drum heads and Istanbul Cymbals! All first class companies!

Aniket: How did the Chennai Super kings rap happen??

Wilbur:I was exploring the style of RAP and I decided to write the short anthem for my favourite IPL team!

I composed a rap (here is another example of making the common extra ordinary as I am stepping into a genre that is new and extraordinary!) for the Chennai Super Kings and yes I am a big fan….but not only of the super kings but cricket in general! I love cricket and love educating people about cricket hence I wrote a song on my first album that was called CRICKET. It explains the sport and Universal Music Australia chose this song to be part of a compilation CD for the 2009 Ashes tournament. Maybe God willing this song can become a theme song for cricket! Some of my favorite cricket players from past and present are Krishnamachari Srikaanth, Adam Gilchrist (very nice gentleman) , M.S Dhoni, Dale Steyn, Breet Lee and of course Sachin Tendulkar. I always wanted to be a cricket player , even trying out for the Tamilnadu under 15 team. I was not selected but now I am using music to share my passion for cricket!

Aniket: I loved the travel videos you that Burger king will you (if given a chance) make a movie on the tamil way of exploring the western world??

Wilbur:Yes if the opportunity presented itself and a movie director or prodcer approached me I would consider doing this! What a great way to develop the CQ (Cultural Intelligence)

Aniket: When is the next album coming out ?

Wilbur:A brand new Single is coming out this year and most likely the new Album will be released end of 2010 or beginning of 2011! It is so amazing and first class!!

Aniket: Your success story has inspired so does it feel to be famous..?

Wilbur:I like to have the same perspective on life before I was in the public eye! Fame is the dangerous thing that can affect a persons life! I want to use this platform to help others as much as I can! I thank God everyday that I can do what I love doing! He has given me this ability and I am so thankful! I am a normal everyday person who you may see drinking tea at the local tea stand. I wanted to experience different things that seemed extra-ordinary and make them appealing for the common man. Making tea is common, dancing to music is common, traveling is becoming common these days, work is common. I wanted to show people that when you really do things with passion and put your energies into it the most common chore or task, they can become extra-ordinary! It is all in the way you perceive things. I am not scared to interact with people no matter who they are and how important they think they are! That being said I also like to make the extra ordinary….common!

Aniket: I know you like chicken 65 , what else do you like to cook or more importantly eat??

Wilbur: I do like to cook some Mushroom soup and I also like the cuisine from Thailand. Pad thai!

Aniket: When are you going to tour INDIA????

Wilbur:Cross India tour 2011. February ,March or April! It will be posted on the

I need all the support of the fans to raise awareness so I can break some down to a packed place of dancing