After the phenomenal success of ‘Sexy Bitch’, ‘Wavin’ Flag’ and ‘I Gotta Feeling ’, French House Music extraordinaire David Guetta is back with his 5th studio album ‘Nothing But the Beat’. The album comprises of two CDs with a lineup of the music industry who’s who such as Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Ludacris, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Taio Cruz and Jessie J.

The sound of pop would have incredibly different today if not for David Guetta. He’s now one of the most sought-after producers in the music industry today. Although many dance fanatics will condemn Guetta for being a ‘sellout’ or ‘too mainstream’, he has helped to rejuvenate a niche industry which was once considered underground.

Flo Rida with his trademark flippant rapping in ‘Where Them Girls At, is already a chart topper, hitting the top spot in the Billboards and other playlists around the world. Nicki Minaj the latest addition to the Guetta crew adds the extra ‘oomph’ with her lively, idiosyncratic sound, which is often a welcome break when we’re trying to figure out what the hell Flo is rambling about. Despite its repetitive flow, ‘Where Them Girls At’ is sets the right mood for the rest of album.

Flo Rida

Another surprisingly good song is Little Bad Girl’ featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris. The seemingly immature lyrics are well enveloped with the genuine Guetta sound which makes all the difference. Ludacris who has been getting a little annoying in his last few songs is surprisingly good. Taio Cruz fans are definitely in for a treat.

Taio Cruz

A noteworthy disappointment was ‘I Just Want to F.’ by Timbaland, Afrojack, Dev and Guetta.  The song was a severe letdown and seemed like an absolute waste of new talent such as Dev and Afrojack. Dev sounds like she’s trying out a blend of Missy Elliot and Fergie, which has successfully managed to suck. After the success of both the Shock Value(s) Timbaland can’t afford to come up with shit tracks like these.

In singularity, the songs in Nothing But the Beat aren’t really different from his previous albums. Everyone is always “partying it up in the club”, the boys are uber cool and always on the prowl, the girls are tough talking and playing hard to get. There is hardly any difference in terms of lyrical content or mood, but the songs will surely have you pressing the ‘replay’ button for weeks on end.


The songs in the first CD are going to be definite chart toppers while the second CD is a collection of instrumental tracks that gives Guetta a chance to break free on his own, without the support of vocal heavy-weights like Jennifer Hudson or Chris Willis. In concert, David Guetta is known for his freestyle improvs and remixes on-the-fly and CD 2 of Nothing But the Beat is the closest you will experience Guetta live and uncensored. Although songs such as ‘Metro Music’ and ‘Lunar’ get a little too TRON for my taste, diehard fans of EDM will fall in love with it instantly.

The sound of pop is now synonymous with the R&B A list-ers collaborating with world-class DJs to produce billboard-topping hits as well as bringing new artists into the fray.  The Swedish House Mafia helped Tinie Tempah to find his ground, Afrojack welcomed Ne-Yo and Guetta has collaborated with every tom, dick and harry who has ever had a hit the past 10 years. The King of Pop might be pushing daises, but if there ever was a position for its Managing Director, David Guetta would be him.