It’s a hot day in Chennai city and I’m running around in the sweltering heat catching “share autos”. I soon reach the place I was headed to and I walk up two flights of stairs and ring the doorbell.  A familiar cheerful face greets me, and I walk in to the house to see a bunch of people watching TV and chilling.

Meet Udaan!

Ok – now I’m going to take you back to 2007, Madras Christian College. Siddharth Kumar, Suchith Suresan, Chris Thomas, Philip Joseph and Jigme Dadul form the band, Udaan. In conversation with them, Suchith tells me that he moved down from Kerala to Chennai to pursue playback singing. Siddharth and him being influenced by a band called Morrison Avenue, decided to form a rock band.

The band was formed by front man and vocalist, Suchith, mainly because he wanted to make a contribution to the world and not just be a part of someone else’s. And what better way to do that than music, eh?

The band plays Hindi rock music. But more than that, they sing GOOD Hindi rock music. The lineup’s changed since then, and the only two that remained in the band were Suchith (Vocals) and Siddharth (Keyboards). Chris was replaced by Aaron Mukerji (Guitars), and Philip by Handel Jim (Bass).

The band started out as a college band, and they thought that they would break it off when they all passed out. But I think they realized they were too awesome to let it go just like that. Anyway, getting to the music, they’ve got distorted guitars, incredible keyboard lines, more than amazing vocals and perfectly balanced bass and drum parts. I had the pleasure of talking to them about a few of their songs and this is what I got. Before you read the rest, I suggest you find the link at the bottom of the page, and listen to some of their music.


“Well, what can I say? We were in college!” Suchith laughs. The band’s title track is about happiness, and about the energy that only a college student can ever have.


An environmental awareness song. Thought you’d seen it all? Think again.
The song portrays a man looking into a mirror and realizing that he’s never done anything for the environment in spite of loving greenery. Contradicting thoughts, realization and hope that someone from the listeners realizes the same thing and DOES something about it, make this song what it is.
Sounds familiar? Look into a mirror.


There’s not much that can be said about this one because the name speaks for itself.  Simply put, this is Udaan’s message telling you to THINK.


A personal favorite, I asked Suchith what the song meant and he explained to me how it’s about an obsession. A man, caught in shackles, filled with this obsession, trying to rid himself of both the shackles, and the obsession.
What is this obsession? Well, that’s for you to decide.

I’ve rambled enough for now. Follow them on their Facebook page ( and don’t forget to check their music out (!

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