6 minutes read

Interview: Ronald Malfi

There are very few writers whose writing can make you speculate about a topic for a long time. Ronald Malfi is an example of such a writer. With works like…..

5 minutes read

The Harry Potter Predicament

I firmly believe that Harry Potter has been one of the greatest things to have happened to the literary world in the 21st century. The books were not merely words…..

5 minutes read

Why Godfather 2 was a Disappointment

‘Disappointment’ is a relative word – all it says it that a thing isn’t amazing; it isn’t as good as your expectations without really saying much about the intrinsic quality…..

4 minutes read

Review: Breaking Dawn – 1

  The Twilight saga is not the smartest thing that has happened to the universe, but for a moment I am going to cast all my past disdain aside. I…..

3 minutes read

Review: The Chung Kuo Series

There are moments when Western sensibilities meet horrifically with oriental inscrutability. The West would have you believe it happened during times of conflict, with oriental forces met and flattened on…..