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Review: 31

To effectively develop a novel that brings out the element of intrigue and that heart-pounding sensation, especially when it is a corporate thriller, is not an easy, cursive thing to…..

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Interview: Jhangir Kerawala

A writer of fabulous short stories and the creator of the Timpa comic series, Jhangir Kerawala now even has a novel in his kitty. Here, he talks to us about…..

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Review: Wings of Silence

It was tough not to judge this book by its cover. A man running for what looked like eons propped the idea of reading about a man’s challenging journey to…..

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Review: A Calendar Too Crowded

At first glance, this book seemed rather mundane – a book featuring stories about women and highlighting days in the calendar dedicated to them could get too preachy. But A…..

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Of Short Stories and Women

The short story format is dangerous. You could compare it to the steep short stretch before reaching a mountain’s peak. For a writer, there is a limited distance you can…..