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Review: One & a Half Wife

Books are a revelation. They take you away from your comfortable surroundings and lift you off to an alien world with alien sensations. According to me, if a book cannot…..

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Review: Urban Shots – Crossroads

Light-hearted, lucid and easy to read – Urban Shots Crossroads is none of that. A book I picked up with the intention of breezing through in a day’s time had…..

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Review: Blinkers Off

At first glance, Blinkers Off might seem like a pleasant read, an easy story. However, it is neither. Contrary to my expectations (which maybe, I shouldn’t have had), I couldn’t…..

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Review: Urban Shots Love Collection

This edition of Urban Shots is the fourth edition of the series published by Westland-Grey Oak. It marks the debut of Sneh Thakur as Editor who has tastefully compiled these stories……

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Review: The Land of the Wilted Rose

According to me, one of the most important elements that go into the making of a book is the writer’s choice of words. However, in Anand Ranganathan’s The Land of…..

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Interview: Ashwin Sanghi

P.C. Cherian: To start with, I loved Chanakya’s Chant. I like how it has a parallel story of a modern-day individual that combines statesman with kingmaker. It’s almost as if…..