5 minutes read

Interview: Jhangir Kerawala

A writer of fabulous short stories and the creator of the Timpa comic series, Jhangir Kerawala now even has a novel in his kitty. Here, he talks to us about…..

2 minutes read

Review: Wings of Silence

It was tough not to judge this book by its cover. A man running for what looked like eons propped the idea of reading about a man’s challenging journey to…..

4 minutes read

Review: The Clockwork Man

Going by the title, I thought The Clockwork Man by William Jablonsky would be a classic science fiction book. As I flipped the pages however, the novel turned out to be…..

3 minutes read

Review: Urban Shots – Crossroads

Light-hearted, lucid and easy to read – Urban Shots Crossroads is none of that. A book I picked up with the intention of breezing through in a day’s time had…..

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Review: Urban Shots Love Collection

This edition of Urban Shots is the fourth edition of the series published by Westland-Grey Oak. It marks the debut of Sneh Thakur as Editor who has tastefully compiled these stories……

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Review: The Newsroom Mafia

As the title suggests, The Newsroom Mafia is a book about the on-goings of a  newspaper or newsroom as such. However, this is not only what the book focuses on. It…..