1 minute read

Romancing the Border

iPakistan is an initiative started by students and young professionals to change the stereotypical image that the world has about the country. The students emphasize on the fact that they…..

4 minutes read

And The Winner Is…

Felicitating yourself because no one else will do it seems like a rather narcissistic tendency to me. Despite the fact that a lot of Indian movies are ruthlessly lambasted by…..

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Review: Hot Tea Across India

 Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta is probably one of the best travelogues that one can come across. He writes with great detail and portrays images in a…..

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Born Free

Here are the results for Penguin Books India presents Born Free – What does independence mean to you? Out of the many entries that we received, these four stood out…..

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Fighting Others’ Battles

The Jan Lokpal Bill might appear to be the product of a people’s movement but it may well be a flawed decision of a particular socio-economic group. In a nation…..

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Interview: Ankur Tewari

He’ plays with  the Ghalat Family. He is the voice behind Jannat, one of India’s most original albums in recent times. If you are looking for meaningful music, you have…..