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Review: Sulemani Keeda

In a country obsessed with big stars and inane narratives, here’s a film that is trying to break away. And break away it does with an incredible amount of panache……

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OffTheRecord: Universe by Pradip Ramanathan

Pradip is a Bangalore based songwriter and guitarist whose reportoire includes everything from rock (from every era) and blues to electronica and orchestral film scores, and on occasion, jazz. He…..

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In Conversation with Sandeep Mohan

Sandeep Mohan is changing the manner in which indie films are distributed in a small but very revolutionary way. I decided to speak to him post the screening of his…..

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Music Video: Major Major by Laxmi Bomb

Our introduction to Laxmi Bomb was with the song, ‘ Reggae Rasiya’ from the 7th edition of ennui.bomb’s Stupid Ditties compilation and we have been in love with them since……

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The Journey of MISS LOVELY

“Cannes was a mind blowing experience.” – Anil George This Friday, one of the most anticipated indie films, Miss Lovely is set to release. The film is Nawazuddin’s next film in line…..

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Review: The Lunchbox

The credits rolled and I thought to myself; how can something so simple be so poignantly beautiful? And I probably thought over that for two days, hence the delay in…..