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The F16’s – Light Bulbs – Fresh New Single

Chennai based Elctro-Indie band The F-16’s  have dropped a bomb just released a new single from their upcoming debut EP Kaleidoscope. The songs called Light Bulbs, do give it a listen……

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X: 11 Filmmakers, 1 Film

Anthology films are here to stay. This one may seem like one but it isn’t one. This one’s just called X and has 11 filmmakers from different parts of India. The…..

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Speaking Tree

In the last two years, we have interviewed people primarily across the fields of music, movies and books. These are people who have inspired us and the ones around us……

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Interview: Amlan Datta (Part 1)

More than a month ago, Rajdip Ray called in (quite excitedly) to say that he would be interviewing someone whose work he respected immensely. Today, after that long conversation and after…..

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Interview: Amlan Datta (Part 2)

In the second part of our two-part interview with Amlan Datta, the independent filmmaker talks to Rajdip Ray about his adopted children, his passion for independent cinema and more. Read…..

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A Year in Movies

It’s that time of the year when the interwebz is full of year-end articles (including our own) and best movie-worst movie lists. I was going to do a list on…..