3 minutes read

Review: Greater Elephant

In this day and age when everyone is out there making a film and calling it indie to cover up its shoddy production value or the fact that it’s just…..

3 minutes read

The Fashion Escape

Fashion. It is one of those fleeting things that is but, concrete enough to shape identities. Almost everyone, admittedly or otherwise, has been a victim to fashion that has given…..

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GigView: Goldspot

What do you get when you take the musical sensibilities of Mukesh, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar, add a pitcher full of George Harrison’s transcendental influences and mix it up…..

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Review: Sunny Side Up

Sidd Coutto is a man who always does what he wants and he rightly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what people around him think. The drummer of Zero and…..

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What you should really listen to…#1

A lot of people complain that they don’t like Indian musicians because Indian musicians aren’t ‘as good’ as a non-Indian ones. I hate that. I’ve been listening to a lot…..

10 minutes read

Interview: Ankur Tewari

He’ plays with  the Ghalat Family. He is the voice behind Jannat, one of India’s most original albums in recent times. If you are looking for meaningful music, you have…..