1 minute read

Mumbai: Black ‘n’ White

Take a moment and slowly start to remove colors from one of the most active and busy cities in the country. Imagine if Mumbai had its skyscrapers painted in shades…..

5 minutes read

The City of Dreams

It’s been months since I stepped off a train and on to Mumbai station. As my train pulls into Victoria Terminus, I am confronted by the bustle of the pulsating…..

2 minutes read

Review: Department

Ram Gopal Verma has got to be India’s best director. The emotions that he gets out of his audience by making them watch his films, are unlike what any other…..

2 minutes read

Week #1

Read – City of Sperms | Watch – 10 Minutes
Listen – Paradise | Know – Bjork
Go – Tappu ki Dukaan | DIY – Hookah

2 minutes read

I See

I don’t notice it when I’m sitting in class or I’m in a shopping mall. I don’t notice it when I’m climbing into a car, shielded from the heat and…..

3 minutes read

Mumbai Diaries

Early wake up calls, a brisk walk towards the nearest station, elbows nudging, shoulders scuffing, rowdy women fighting over a seat – well, these were some of the things that…..