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Review: Urban Shots Love Collection

This edition of Urban Shots is the fourth edition of the series published by Westland-Grey Oak. It marks the debut of Sneh Thakur as Editor who has tastefully compiled these stories……

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Review: Hot Tea Across India

 Hot Tea Across India by Rishad Saam Mehta is probably one of the best travelogues that one can come across. He writes with great detail and portrays images in a…..

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Review: The Newsroom Mafia

As the title suggests, The Newsroom Mafia is a book about the on-goings of a  newspaper or newsroom as such. However, this is not only what the book focuses on. It…..

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Interview: Ronald Malfi

There are very few writers whose writing can make you speculate about a topic for a long time. Ronald Malfi is an example of such a writer. With works like…..

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Interview: Judy Balan

A few months ago, Judy Balan was a name that only a lot of avid bloggers and blog-readers were familiar of. I must admit that I wasn’t one of them……