Very often, software developers and their website counterparts hide neat little snippets in their software or website which they want the user to stumble upon. These are generally called Easter Eggs. Even Microsoft used to include many of them until 2003 (they ranged from mini games to developer photographs), but it seems like that it has lost its sense of humour of-late. Here’s a list of a few you could try. The ones that are not labelled for their function are supposed to be a surprise. Enjoy! (p.s. – do click on the images!)

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Open Photoshop CS5
While pressing the CTRL key, click on HELP.
Click ‘About Photoshop’.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox

Type any of the following in the address bar –


Google Earth

Google Earth has an in-built flight simulator. Here’s how you get to it.

Open Google Earth
Hold down the keys Ctrl-Alt-Del in that order.
You might have to do this more than once.

For older Google Earth versions try Ctrl-Alt-A
For Google Earth Mac OS try #-Option-A


Play Tetris while torrents download!

Open uTorrent
Go to the HELP menu and click on ‘About uTorrent’
Press T

Another Easter Egg is revealed when you just press the uTorrent logo – this is the famous THX sound that plays.

All of us have played the game of Snake at some point in time or the other. Most of us still play it from time to time.

Go to YouTube and while any video is loading, press any of the arrow keys – the loading circle will turn into a game of Snake!

YouTube also has a large screen-version for people with big ass TVs connected to their computers: – not exactly an Easter Egg but nevertheless!


Go to and you will mostly be directed to the Indian version of the site. Choose to go to ‘’ (the USA version) and not ‘Yahoo! India’. After you’re on the site, click on the exclamation mark that comes after the logo. You will be surprised at what you will hear!

For more of these interesting ‘eggs’, go to or

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