Today, Bollywood is the dominant music scene in the country. But back in the day (by that I mean the 90s), we had a raging IndiPop scene in the country.  Like it or not most of us at grow up listening to this, including me. I got into international music much later and no matter how cheesy these songs are, they form an important part of my formative years.

And it consists of some of the best from the decade ( some of whom are relevant even today). Colonial Cousins who did an MTV Unplugged before it got hit by Bollywood. Lucky Ali, Neeraj Shreedhar (Bombay Vikings), Mohit Chauhan (Silk Route), Shaan, KK and others who moved to Bollywood and some others who recently saw resurgent fame as Bigg Boss contestants.

As always, tune in and #GetNostalgic.