Baandhon is an Assamese language film with simple characters thrown into a complex world that they are unfamiliar with. It involves an elderly couple- Dandeswar and Hkawni whose lives are deeply impacted when their grandson and only living descendant goes missing in the attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai.

The film has been directed by Jahnu Barua who has won 11 National Awards.  But in all likelihood, most of us probably don’t know of him or his movies. Reason being that apart from Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara, most of his movies have not released outside Assam and the festival circuits. One of his films didn’t release at all and is still in limbo.

Having watched this in a film festival last year, we strongly recommend that you watch this film. It  is one of the most beautiful films to have been made in our country in the recent past. It reminded us of legendary Japanese filmmaker Ozu’s simplistic treatment and technique in a very distinctly Indian milieu.

The film is being released on 5th July under PVR Directors Rare banner and will have shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai  (special screening on Saturday/Sunday), Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad. The movie will release with English subtitles.

This trailer has been cut by Sumit Purohit  who is otherwise famous for his hard-hitting short film  I Woke Up One Morning And Found Myself Famous  and insanely popular mash-up trailers such as Wasseypur ka Dark Knight.