Your Chin – Your Chin (Live at Kino 108) from Sourya Sen on Vimeo.

In this digital age, just about anybody can make a video. With 1080p being supported on consumer grade smartphones and even better digital SLR cameras  becoming way more accessible, we have been living in an era where it is immensely difficult to have a distinct voice and vision without being lost in the vast sea of ever expanding content.

As part of our new series Visions, we hope to curate a few music videos/short-films/ experimental videos that we loved.

Our first video is a beautifully executed music video featuring the Mumbai based indie-pop act Your Chin live at at Kino 108.
The video has been shot by Naman Saraiya and edited by Sourya Sen. We asked Sourya to tell us about what went behind making something like this and this is what he had to say.

“You know there’s a time when you’re just tired of making the logo 10% bigger and the colours go with the brand’s? Yeah well, that’s what happens when you’re working with too many clients on too many projects.

That’s the exact emotion that sparked of #WeekendProjects. I wanted to get out of that space, do things on my own, and not care about the logos and the colours and the branding. Others I spoke too felt the same thing and we decided to do things just for the fun of it, for the reason of wanting to do it.

So after the Mode7 video, Naman handed me some footage he’d shot at Kino 108 on Bomb Thursdays when Your Chin was performing. Over the weekend we sat and edited it and here it is now… and even though we didn’t get any money for this, the satisfaction achieved can not be compared.”

Do check out Sourya’s other #WeekendProjects at

  • Denny George

    Raxit has got a great voice.